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FAQ About Your Favorite Treatments

Many cosmetic treatments, despite being very popular across the world, are still shrouded in a lot of mystery, as common individuals, who are not very familiar with the beauty industry, still have countless questions. You very well may have questions yourself that you would like answered.

These questions can range from finding Fat Freezing NYC treatments to Kybella before and after photos to help you understand exactly what the treatment is capable of. Perhaps you’d even like to understand what Botox actually does, a popular name in the beauty industry, yet few people know what it is actually capable of.

With the help of Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa, we hope to answer as many different questions about your favorite treatments as possible. But you need to be patient with us, as we cannot cover all your curiosities. To learn more in-depth information, you will have to look through other sources to find what you’re looking for.

What Exactly Does Botox Do?

For many people out there, Botox is a very mysterious treatment. Despite it being one of the most popular treatments on the planet and that word being used by people who don’t even know a thing about the industry, there are many individuals out there who are unaware of how Botox works and what it actually treats.

Most people associate Botox with skin lifting and tightening, which it partially does, although in a completely different manner. These people often get botox confused with their fillers, which involve the injection of a certain compound that lifts up the skin and puffs it up to make it tighter. Botox does not work with the skin itself, but rather the muscles under the skin.

Your face goes through constant contractions whether you notice it or not. These are entirely involuntary and subconscious, so you don’t actually feel them. They simply happen. As a result, the skin above the face gets wrinkly and saggy. By stopping these contractions, you can effectively smooth out the wrinkles above. This is exactly what the botulinum toxic is capable of. It numbs the nerve endings responsible for the contractions and it stops them. When the contractions stop, the skin above naturally smooths itself out and the wrinkles become significantly less visible.

Keep in mind that the actual treatment is far more complicated than this and this is a gross oversimplification of what the procedure actually does. But hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of how it works.

Does Fat Freezing Actually Work?

The short answer is: yes it does. The long answer is that the process is actually a lot more intuitive and understandable than you would initially believe. When you yourself are not a medical professional and don’t know how the body functions, it may seem like dark magic to you that without piercing or cutting open skin you can trim away fat using cold temperatures.

But when you understand that certain cells are encoded to self-destruct when they get damaged or are exposed to the cold long enough, you can put two and two together and see how treatments like CoolSculpting work their“magic”. The coast counting procedure involves applicators being placed on various parts of your body. These applicators have metal pads under them which get very cold.

When placed on your body and left there long enough that cold causes the fat cells to go into apoptosis. Apoptosis is essentially cell suicide. It takes months for fat cells to die out one by one, but when they do, you are left with a slimmer and more sculpted area of the body.

Can You Actually Transplant Fat to the Butt?

Another fun treatment that people like to learn about is the Brazilian butt lift. While the origin of the name is somewhat hard to pinpoint, the procedure itself is a lot more understandable. It does actually involve the transferring of fat from one area of the body into another, most commonly into the posterior to make it curvier.

Some people are born with a slimmer figure. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it can be very much beautiful in its own right. However, at the moment a major trend in beauty are those gorgeous curves without so many celebrities in public figures tend to have.

That is extracted from other parts of the body such as the waist, thighs, or stomach and is then injected back into the buttocks to make it look more round. It is a very common curve enhancement across the world and as crazy as it may sound to transfer fat from one area of the body to another, it has been performed countless times and has left many people satisfied with the results.

Do Modern Lip Enhancements Really Look Natural?

A very important factor that medical and cosmetic developments have put a lot of emphasis on is making the results of treatments look natural. The next most important aspect of a cosmetic treatment after safety is how the results are going to look. What is the point of going through complicated treatments and procedures if the outcome isn’t going to be satisfying?

You will find that modern cosmetic treatments create a natural look for any of the treated areas. Lip enhancements are no exception. Using special variants of the dermal filler compound, lip enhancement procedures create more supple and visibly bigger lips, which still retaining that beautiful shape that makes them look authentic. Symmetry is also very important when it comes to making naturally fuller lips and today’s practitioners make good use of modern cosmetic tools and methodology to make them as even as possible.

You can find plenty of lip filler results online and see for yourself how natural they look. It is easy to be fooled by photos of celebrities with oversized puffy lips that look absolutely unnatural and think to yourself that all treatments are going to end this way. But this could not be farther from the truth. Modern lip enhancements will give you those beautiful lips without making it look artificial in any way.

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