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Tips: How And When To Take Vitamin D

Direct ingestion through specific vitamin D supplements is a safe option for recovering and maintaining vitamin levels at adequate levels. Efficient supplementation needs to be in the form of vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, since vitamin D2 only contains 30% to 50% of the biological potency of vitamin D3 to be converted into the metabolically active form of this vitamin within the body, which is calcitriol.

Blood tests can detect Vitamin D deficiency. From it, the doctor or nutritionist will determine the appropriate dosage to maintain optimal vitamin D levels (32 to 80ng/ml). Normally, the recommended daily supplementation is 2,000 IU/day for adults. However, in cases of deficiency, doses of 4,000 IU to 8,000 IU per day for three months are usually adequate to reach the ideal level. Vitamin D should be ingested, preferably with meals, to increase absorption by the body further.


For those with a diet that does not meet the daily needs of certain nutrients, the use of supplements such as hello vietnam kratom for example rich in vitamins and minerals improves the body’s functioning. They can assist in the absorption of other nutrients ingested in food and regulate body functions.

Tips: How And When To Take Multivitamins

To use multivitamin supplements from paylesskratom for example, it is important to know three tips. The first one is concentration. The nutrients in a multivitamin can come in various forms and amounts. Therefore, it is important to check the concentration of the chosen product before consuming it. The second tip concerns vitamins: always prefer supplements with active vitamins that are ready to be absorbed. For example, we have cholecalciferol, the active form of vitamin D.

The third question concerns minerals. Some products are composed of micronutrients in the form of oxides, which are poorly absorbed by the body. Chelated minerals have enhanced absorption and should be preferred when choosing a multivitamin supplement.

Generally, this supplement is presented as capsules, which must be consumed with a meal or as directed.

There are also versions of multivitamins that can be indicated for the whole family and are the children’s favorite, such as chocolate milk and gummies, to facilitate the ingestion of vitamins and minerals from childhood and in the form of powdered juice.

How To Include The Habit Of Taking Supplements In The Routine?

You must have realized that the use and choice of which supplements to take are connected with the goal you want to achieve, right? Many of them are related to meals and the practice of physical activities.

To facilitate the inclusion of the habit, especially those supplements that need to be used daily, bring the product closer to the environment where you will be consuming it. Do you want to supplement collagen? Leave the product somewhere in your home that is easily accessible and visible when waking up or before going to sleep. Are you going to supplement protein to enhance training results? Put it in the backpack you carry your sports accessories and drink it right after training.

After identifying which supplement to take for the purpose you want to achieve, you must consume it correctly so that the results are perceived, and always seek medical and nutritional advice.

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