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Tricks and Tips to Attain Maximum Benefits From Cleansing Oil

One of the daily rituals followed by humans is the cleansing face. For years we all have heard of cleaning the dirt and grease off the face before going to bed. The latest trend is cleansing the face with oil. They are considered more effective and gentle for cleaning the skin. Many oil face cleansers are available in the market to help you attain soft and supple skin. Before exploring the need for the correct type of oil cleanser, it is essential to understand the benefits of using an oil cleanser.

Why use Oil face cleanser?

The cleansing oil is a mixture of oils or a single oil used to cleanse the skin. Its purpose is to attract the excess dirt on your face and remove it, but in the process, not leave your skin over dry. The water-based cleansers clean your look of the dust and oil but in the process, leave it dry by increasing your pH level. The advantages of using oil face cleansers:

  • Cleans makeup: The best way to achieve healthy skin after using makeup is to clean with an oil face cleanser; after massaging it on your face, wash it with water.
  • Non-stripping: Oil face cleanser helps to maintain the balance of oil on your skin. Suppose compared to another foam-based cleaner that robs the natural oil of your face. Cleansing oil helps protect the good bacteria on the skin and maintains the natural layer of the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Oil face cleanser is ideal for all skin types but is very effective for dry and sensitive skin. They add minerals and antioxidants to benefit your skin by daily usage.

How to use oil face cleansers?

The proper way to use an oil face cleanser to get the best results from it is-

  • Pump out the product-Pump the product into dry, clean hands and apply it on dry face. Applying to a wet surface will not let it work properly as water and oil repel each other, so it does not work well with water.
  • Massage it-Apply it to your face in circular upward motions with fingertips. These movements help in opening the pores of the skin and allowing the oil to go deep down.
  • Rinse with warm water: The trick here is not to let the oil lose its liquid state using cold water and harden. While boiling water will lose the natural skin barrier of your skin. So, the best temperature is warm to be used on your face to let oil maintain its natural state. It is important to rinse it off properly from your skin to avoid clogging the pores of your skin.
  • Remove the makeup-If there are any leftover traces of makeup, use the oil cleanser again on damp cotton to clean your face.
  • Double-cleanse-This is as per personal choice. Second, oil cleanses your face helps in the exfoliation of the skin.


There are many different types of oil face cleansers in the market, but choosing the best according to your skin type will be most beneficial. Try to follow the proper techniques given above to attain maximum benefit from them.

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