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Ask Some Questions to Your Doctor Before Your Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatments are a relatively new technology of treatment and are surrounded by lots of controversial opinions. As much as this treatment is considered as a powerful solution, it is unproven and risky as well. Therefore, be sure to ask these questions to your stem cell therapy doctors.

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Questions that you must ask your doctor

Okay, so let’s jump to the main subject of the article. Please ask to know every detail about the treatment procedure and the process like –

  • Is this treatment an approved proven one or a clinical trial?
  • Is there an alternative method for the treatment?
  • Understand your medical condition and the treatment routine. Ask how exactly this procedure works to treat your disease does.
  • Ask to find out about the other benefits of this treatment, if any.
  • Know about the recovery process. Ask how the treatment is going to proceed and know the progress.
  • You need to be aware of how to measure the progress and above the tests and reports that should be taken.
  • You should ask about how to prepare yourself before the beginning of the treatment.

  • Know about the special care that needs to be taken during and after the treatment.
  • Insist on knowing and thoroughly testing the sources of your stem cells that is going to be used for your treatment.
  • Ask from where the donors are found and what are the criteria and the tests that are done to find out the compatibility.
  • Since this is a relatively novel treatment option, understanding the legal implications and the rules related to this treatment procedure is advised. You have to be well informed to make sure that your treatment is a legally correct and viable one.

Make sure to ask these questions before your stem cell treatment begins. If you have more to add to the list, feel free to write to us or add them in the comments section.


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