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Benefits of Gun Massage Therapy

Invented in 2008, the massage gun is a handheld device that has changed the post-workout game. This portable, rechargeable, and often wireless tool provides deepmuscle therapy–which has never been so quick, easy and cost-effective.When placed on your muscles and switched on, its interchangeable attachments vibrate, or “percuss,” sending healing pulsations that promotemuscle recovery, whilst minimising post-exercise soreness and aches. Thought to be the best percussion massager on the market – the massage gun offers the same benefits as a deep tissue massage sansthe time, cost and pain involved. But what exactly are thesebenefits?

Reduced Stiffness and Pain

Massage guns can help relieve muscle stiffness and spasms resulting from exercise. These spasmscan lead to ischemia, which causespain and discomfort. The massage gunrelieves this pain by applyingpressure to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which relaxes them and reduces spasms and contractions.

Improved Circulation, Faster Recovery and Better Flexibility

The massage gun enhances blood circulation, which improves oxygen and nutrient supply to the body’s tissues. This improved circulation to the muscles and fascial tissues encourages atrophied muscles and other injured areasto heal faster and become more flexible.

Improved Mobility and Athletic Performance

The muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, and joints all govern mobility. The blood circulation that the massage gun encourages to these areascan improve their range of motion, and thus boost athletic performance.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Improved joint flexibility means a reduced risk of strains and sprains.Plus, the sedating effect percussion massage has on the nervous system can help to prevent overtraining, and thus further reduce the risk of injury.

Aids the Release of Lactic Acid and Toxins

Lactic acid builds up in the muscles during exercise, which can leave them feeling sore and exhausted. The massage gun’s pulsations help to release this lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles, which canreduce that pesky post-workout muscle soreness and fatigue.

Increased Nerve Stimulation and Mobility

The massage gun’s deep tissue massage stimulates the nerve receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, which isresponsible for the dilatation of blood vessels. This results invasodilation in the skin and muscles, which releases tension and helps the muscles to relax. The result? Improved mobility!

The Breaking Down of Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is made up of collagen fibers – whose purpose is to help repair the body’s damaged tissues. But these repaired tissues lack the elasticity of healthy tissues, hence why scars are often tight and stiff, and can cause discomfort.Regular use of a massage gun on scar tissue can help break down these collagen fibres, thereby alleviating pain and tightness. What’s more, massage guns can be beneficial to various kinds of scar tissue, including surgery scars.


In addition to pain relief and muscle relaxation, this valuable post-exercise tool offers wellness benefits. Use yours regularly, and you could benefit from better sleep, lower anxiety and stress levels, and improved immunity. It’s also thought to behelpful to those suffering from depression, stress,fibromyalgia and digestive disorders.


Overall, the benefits that this small, yet powerful toolpromises go deeper than the muscle massage it expertly provides. With this game-changing device you can have your own personal, portable masseur in your gym bag thatoffers fast muscle recovery, pain relief and relaxation – which are merelythe tip of the iceberg.Used consistently, you can also enjoyaugmented mobility, enhanced athletic performance, reduced injury risk, and overall enhancedwellness includingquality sleep, better mental health, and stronger immunity.

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