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Emergency Dentistry: Beware of Excessive Fees

A dental emergency is an issue that calls for immediate medical attention. That means you must contact your dentist or go to an emergency room to get treated for the emergency. However, not all problems are emergencies. Dental emergencies include toothaches, infections, jaw pain and teeth that have been knocked out, chipped, cracked or broken. If you have pain or bleeding that will not stop, you need emergency care from a dentist. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they are being tricked into paying more than they should for emergencies. Therefore, it is vital to recognize when being charged excess fees and avoid such situations. Here is what to do.

When experiencing a dental emergency, you must call your dentist first for further instructions. Emergency dentists have numbers that their patients can call after regular working hours. You should rush to the nearest emergency center if you don’t have a number. If you have a dental emergency, like a broken or knocked out tooth, you can get treatment from the dentist’s office. However, it is best to go directly to the emergency room for severe injuries like broken bones on the face.

Examples of Dental Emergencies

The following situations can be considered dental emergencies.

In such situations, getting ripped when needing emergency services is possible. You must first know how to manage such problems before seeing the dentist. Additionally, know the necessary procedures depending on your situation to avoid being scammed. Learning about these procedures will save you more than 50% of your time and money.

What Results in Excess Fees?

Even in an emergency, discussing the proper treatment and steps to take with the dentist is crucial. Otherwise, you will end up getting a larger bill than you should. If you invite a dentist and fail to let them know the problem and what you need, you give them control to decide what should be done. That means the professional will also determine how much to charge you.

Many people, especially those going to a new dentist, hope they are going to an honest person. However, they unknowingly allow the dentist to decide what should be done. The dentist may carry out unnecessary procedures, which are the biggest scams.

What to Do to Avoid Excess Fees

 In an emergency, finding a reputable and trustworthy dentist is advisable to avoid being scammed. Business dentists perform procedures and treatments that will give them more money, irrespective of whether it is what the patient needs. Business dentists cost higher. That is why you end up paying more for emergencies. A good doctor should listen to your concerns and examine and diagnose the issue before discussing the proper treatment. They perform only the treatment needed to benefit your overall dental health. So, discuss with your doctor before any treatment and weigh the pros and cons.


Some situations don’t require emergency care. So, the first step is to recognize them and go on your own time to get the issues fixed. Always identify the proper treatment in an emergency and discuss it with your dentist. Remember to find remedies to manage the pain or bleeding before seeing a dentist.

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