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Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care is for adults who may have intellectual or developmental disabilities and adults who need more care as they age. What separates foster care from other forms of long-term care is the home-based setup. Adult foster care is for those who cannot live on their own but may still want an environment in an environment closer to home.

What Type of Care Do Adults Receive?

Every foster care is different. Though there are standard care options available to most adults. Residents can receive help with meal preparation, cleaning tasks, walking, dressing, shopping, medication management and more. The care in these facilities is less complex than you might find in a nursing home. The idea is to provide a space for adults to age with dignity, independence and to still receive the extra care that they require. For those with more substantial medical needs, they may receive more 24-hour care at the facility. However, others, with fewer needs may only receive help for very specific tasks.

What Are the Benefits of Adult Foster Care?

An adult foster care service Massachusetts residents rely on is a service that allows a small number of people to live in a home-like setting. For many residents, this setup is more beneficial than a standard assisted living facility. The residents receive more one-on-one care and have more social interactions with other residents and staff.

As adults age, many do not want to give up their autonomy. With adult foster care, they do not have to. They are still capable of making their own choices and can live their lives similarly to how they would outside of the setting. It feels like home, rather than a hospital. Residents become a part of a larger family within the home.

Where Are These Homes Located?

To find adult homes, it requires research. Most adult foster care options integrate into the community. In rural areas, they are more popular because there aren’t enough people for larger facilities. To find them, most people are referred to or have done online research about these types of homes. While some fit into suburban areas, many of these care facilities are found in rural towns.

If you have an aging loved one who is struggling to live independently but does not need the care of a standard nursing home or care facility, then adult foster care could be the answer. Adult foster care allows adults to maintain their dignity and to live a mostly independent life with the help that they need.

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