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How does Bulk Billing Work?

Healthcare at no Cost

Diseases, accidents and health issues can come up any time. Very often, a person needing medical care ignores small health problems, as the visit to a doctor can be expensive. Medical care costs can be a concern for many households. The Medicare system in Australia is designed for the citizens to avail affordable medical care. Some medical centers have an option called Bulk Bill, which means that you will not have to pay for your appointment.

In Australia, bulk billing clinics bill Medicare directly, instead of you paying the fee and then seeking a reimbursement through Medicare. This saves you from spending money out of your pocket. This practice encourages people who need medical aid to visit a doctor, as paying the fee is not required.

Bulk billing covers most medical services such as a general check-up, some tests and scans, pathology tests, eye tests and more. If your general practitioner asks you to get a blood test done, you may not need to pay for it. But, if you are advised to get yourself vaccinated, you will have to pay for the vaccine. Hence, always confirm from your practitioner beforehand. There is a limit on the number of services which can be bulk billed in a single day.

Any person living in Australia and having a valid Medicare card is eligible to be bulk-billed. You will be asked to sign a form or press a button on an EFTPOS machine, which will be your consent to allow the clinic to seek the fee from Medicare on your behalf.

Can Bulk Billing be availed at any Clinic?

Check from your medical practitioner, if they could bulk bill your consultation because all health-professionals don’t bulk bill. There are chances, that the practitioner might refuse the request. You can look for a registered practitioner providing bulk billing on the government’s website. You can enter your postcode to find a bulk billing medical practitioner near you. Most doctors, who are bulk billing, provide you with top-quality health care are experienced and are delivering great outcomes.

Bundoora Family Clinic- A bulk bill medical clinic is a registered and committed health care clinic, to provide you with affordable and competitive healthcare. The doctors, here have the necessary qualification and training to give you quality medical care. They provide top quality health care in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Their clinics are well-equipped with latest medical equipment and skilled staff to care for you round the clock. Their clinics are one of the most easily accessible clinics in the city.

They provide several services such as dental, cosmetic, pathology and more. Other health practitioners like psychologists, therapists, who are an important part of the medicals system are helping provide the best care for you. You can also learn yoga, meditation, and practice breathing exercises to create a balance in your mind and body and prevent chronic lifestyle diseases. You can go through their website to get more information about their services.

Everyone knows how important it is to stay healthy, so don’t postpone your doctor’s consultation. You can book an appointment for yourself or your loved one at Bundoora Family Clinic, a bulk billing clinic because you deserve the best when it comes to health.

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