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Some Fantastic E-Liquids You May Want To Try Vaping

Vaping has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and there is now a myriad of different flavours of vape juice you can enjoy. You can enjoy fruity vape juice, ice cream flavoured ones, ones that taste like milkshakes, dessert flavoured vape juices, and even bacon flavour. No matter your taste preferences, there will be plenty of flavours that appeal to your taste buds. Below are some of the most popular fantastic flavoured vape juices you may want to try, and you may end up wanting to try them all.

Blue Raspberry Ice

Fantasi makes the blue raspberry ice flavour, and it is a vapour juice packed full of flavour. It has a sweet and sugary taste from raspberries and has a menthol kick. Some say it is like vaping sweets that you used to eat when you were a kid, and it is a firm favourite with many vapers in the UK. If you are looking for a tangy, fruity flavour that is sweet and has a menthol kick, look no further than the blue raspberry ice from Fantasi.

Berries La Crème

Berries La Crème is another sweet vape juice that kicks your tastebuds and is highly popular with vapers in the UK. It is a tasty mixture of blueberries, raspberries, and vanilla cream and is a tangy taste that dances on your tongue. Ferocious E-Liquid is the company that makes this vape juice, and it is available in reputable stockists throughout the UK.

Apple Sour Lemon

Apple Sour Lemon by Juicy Nerds is an e-liquid that will take you back to your childhood. The taste is based on the Nerds candy and has a sweet and tangy taste to it. The blend of citrus and apple packs a punch that your taste buds will love, and many people mix the different flavours from Juicy Nerds to create unique concoctions themselves. If you are looking for something that tastes fantastic and is a versatile vape juice, the apple sour lemon e-liquid is one that your taste buds will thank you for when you try it.

Frosty Tiger

Ferocious E-Liquid has come up with their Frosty Tiger flavour for the cereal lovers out there, which is like vaping a bowl of your favourite cereal. As you may have guessed from the name, this flavour is based on the Frosties cereal, so you get the sweet taste of the cereal and a creamy hint of the milk when you vape this fantastic e-liquid. One of the best things about this flavour is that it tastes incredible, and you will not be consuming any calories, so it will not make you gain weight.

Banana Mango Apricot

The Banana Mango Apricot flavour e-liquid from Ferocious E-Liquid is another firm favourite with UK vapers. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of bananas, sweet mango, and apricot and is packed full of fruity flavour. The hint of vanilla combines the flavours to make a fantastic vape juice that sets off an explosion of taste in your mouth. Combining three of the most popular fruit flavours is a resounding success, as many vapers across the UK will attest to when they try it.

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