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Top 5 Reasons to choose Toronto for Hair Transplant Surgery

The way you style your hair can completely change your appearance. Due to various underlying causes, you can lose hair. While losing a few strands of hair is completely normal and is part of the hair cycle. If it becomes too serious it can lead to baldness or alopecia. This could be due to hormonal disturbances, hereditary reasons, side effects of certain medicines, or in some illnesses. Nevertheless, it can be a cause of embarrassment and a decrease in self-esteem.The technology and medicine system today provides you with several options to improve the situation. One of these methods is hair transplant.

Every state and country has options for these surgeries. One of the most sought of destinations for hair transplants is Toronto. To understand what makes it a good choice let’s look at some of the factors that make it the ideal choice.

1.Techniques available

Hair transplant in Toronto is abreast with the latest technologies and offers you a wide range of technologies to choose from. The different types of methodologies could be-

  • Strip harvesting

 It is a commonly used technique also known by the name of follicular unit transplantation or FUT. In this technique, the surgeon will harvest a strip of skin from the posterior scalp in an area of good hair growth. This technique will leave a thin linear scar in the donor area that is eventually covered by the patient’s hair at small lengths.

  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

In this procedure, individual follicular units containing 1 to 4 hairs are removed under local anesthesia. The advantage that this technique has over strip harvesting is that it does not leave a scar as a smaller area is harvested. Recovery is less than 7 days.

  • Micro pigmentation

Also referred to as hairline tattoos is a nonsurgical technique. This replicates the appearance of real hair follicles using a very small amount of pigment. The same could be used as microblading where the hair is made to appear longer.

  1. Location advantage

For understanding the effects of regional supply vs demand on price we will take into consideration larger Canadian provinces Toronto and Ontario. In these two areas, there are about 15 established clinics for a combined population of 8 million. Now Toronto has 11 of these clinics and its population is 6,417,516 people while Ontario has  1,323,783 people that have only 2 operational clinics. This has a great effect on the cost. The presence of a large number of clinics significantly lowers the cost in the Toronto area as compared to any other place.

  1. Expertise

The presence of several clinics in the area makes it convenient for residents to opt for the procedure. This has given the surgeons in this region good exposure. Hence most of the clinics are well established and do a perfect job when it comes to hair transplants.

  1. Universities and accreditations

Toronto has some great colleges and universities in and around it. Like the University of Toronto, faculty of medicine. This makes the province a hub of good surgeons who are very skilled and adept at performing hair transplants. Other prestigious certifications like by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

  1. Affordability

As already stated, Toronto is abundant in the number of clinics that are present there. This makes the cost of hair transplant procedures affordable and worthy. The cost for which you get the valuable services is a good deal as compared to other places. But be warned into getting tricked by cheap tactics that allow procedures at very low costs and don’t turn out great.

Conclusion-Even prince Charles was caught under the wrath of baldness. He was mercilessly trolled for something that he could not control.Baldness can occur due to reasons beyond our control but by choosing the correct place and facility, you can reverse the effects. A center for transplant should be selected only after thorough research on factors such as cost,hygiene,skills etc.

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