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The Do’s and Don’ts when enjoying cannabis

Do you know that today is your age is above 21 and you have a valid ID you can walk to a dispensary in most states and purchase cannabis? Previously, it was unheard of but thanks to the new laws that allow its consumption.  However, just like any other thing, there is the right way to do it and the wrong and when it comes to Marijuana; there are unofficial rules that will help you get the best experience

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Use it the right time

For a starter, you should use it at home when you don’t have other commitments to attend to. Every Cannabis strain produces a different effect and everyone responds uniquely to it. This you never know your reaction is to get ‘high’ or just sleep. Thus it would be safe when you do it in the comfort of your home. Statistics show that Sativa generally leads to a high while indicas give a low. Again, smoking Vapes gives a quicker high than edibles. Therefore, until you know how your body reacts to the different products, you should consume in a place where you can manage the reaction.

It’s worth noting that cannabis and alcohol have similar effects and therefore it is dangerous to consume them altogether- If you’re doing cannabis, do just that, never mix.

Using the right tools

For a beginner, a pre-roll is a common and user-friendly tool when it comes to a classic flower. Open the pack, take a few puffs, and give yourself time to feel the effect. Pre-rolls help you to control the dose. Vapes in a new addition to the cannabis scope and is such a great way of enjoying without necessarily igniting flowers. No smoke, just vapor and this gives you a more precise dosage. If inhaling large volumes of smoke makes you uncomfortable, tell your budtender to give you the best options for Vapes. Edibles on the other hand take a minimum of 30 minutes to produce some effects depending on how fast your body reacts. This if you’re not a fan of flowers or Vapes, then this could be your go-to.

Keep hydrated

You have heard that smoking gets your lips desert-dry- that’s true. Research shows that it affects the submandibular salivary glands and therefore you need to have lots of water near you for hydration. Get as many fluids with you as possible and a lip balm.

Have snacks at hand

Studies show that smoking cannabis will most likely cause munchies. Not everyone goes through such experience but snacks taste better when you’re high. The crunchier the snack the better; get some chips, tacos, and any other that will satisfy your munchies.

Share the wealth

Ever heard of the saying that “weed was meant to be shared”? It is more enjoyable when shared and thus you need to get a friend or two whom you can enjoy the experience. The more friends you have, the more enjoyable it is. Those who don’t share are said to experience “weed karma” and aren’t taken seriously; after all- the old saying is true” sharing is caring.


The best way to behave after consuming cannabis is to relax. You see, everyone responds differently to cannabis, and thus relaxing allows your body to take in any effect. Therefore, set your environment, get all that you need, and allow the effects to sink without disturbance. The more you are relaxed the better the experience.

Take your time and research on the different types and strains of cannabis. Get a good Dispensary near me and let your budtender give you the best product, perfect for your need and body reaction.  All you need is a great experience, go for it!

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