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What Exactly Is Neuro-Prolotherapy? Find All Details Here!

Sometimes, even after doing a series of diagnostic tests, it can be hard to find the cause of pain a patient is suffering. Your doctor may talk of terms like “neuropathy”, which can be termed as nerve damage. Nerves are responsible for taking signals to and from the brain to the body, and if there is a nerve problem, you may feel pain, which is a symptom or neuropathy. Also called perineural injection, prolotherapy is a specialized treatment that may offer relief from pain caused within the musculoskeletal system. To know the basics better and if this is the right treatment for you, you have to first visit a prolotherapy doctor. In this post, we are discussing the basics of neuro prolotherapy.

Knowing the basics

Prolotherapy has been a commonly-used treatment for pain relief in ligaments and tendons since decades now. In prolotherapy, an injection, which is typically a mix of dextrose and other sugars, is administered to the pain site, which allows the body to heal and reduces pain related to these connective tissues. Prolotherapy can be considered for inflamed nerves, as well, and it can help in reducing inflammation and pain. This is the crux of neuro-prolotherapy. For ensuring that neuro-prolotherapy works for the patient effective, the doctor will do a detailed test and ensure that path of nerves affected are known.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits of neuro-prolotherapy. Firstly, there are almost no side effects, and patients can get relief from pain almost immediately. Secondly, the treatment is considered to be effective for many cases, where other treatments are not viable. That said, if there is damage to other parts of the body, or the pain is not related to nerve damage, neuro-prolotherapy will not be considered. Keep in mind that your doctor is the best person to decide if this is the treatment for you. If your pain is related to many factors, or there are many underlying causes, chances are high that you will need a mix of treatments, which may include neuro-prolotherapy too.

In recent years, many patients have showed positive response to neuro-prolotherapy, and it could be the most effective answer to neuropathy for selected cases. Check with a prolotherapy expert and discuss your pain, symptoms and other details, to get a fair idea of the treatment plan. If neuro-prolotherapy may work for your nerve pain, your doctor may decide to take a chance.

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