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When to Consider Getting a Chin Implant

One of the cornerstones of an attractive and balanced face is a jawline structure that is well-defined. By placing a chin implant that is custom-fitted, a seasoned and skilled cosmetic surgeon can add some much-needed strength to a recessed or weak chin. A chin implant can also dramatically improve an individual’s facial harmony.

Chin Implant Surgery in a Nutshell

Also known as genioplasty, chin implant or chin enhancement surgery is done to improve the contours of the neck, chin, and the jawline. Usually, chin enhancement surgery will involve placing an implant around the chin bones to augment the chin’s shape and size and achieve a balance in the facial features.

When done by an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon, chin enhancement can be a permanent solution that improves a recessed or weak chin. If your weak or recessed chin bothers you or if you think your facial features lack proportion, a chin implant surgery might do wonders for you.

When to Get a Chin Implant

If a weak or recessed chin bothers you or if you think your facial features lack proportion, getting a chin implant surgery is an option you can look into. Below are some scenarios where a chin implant would be recommended.

  • It can help minimize the appearance of a double or full chin caused by a chin bone that is small
  • It can help correct a recessed or weak chin
  • It can help enhance facial harmony by ensuring the chin is in a better proportion with the other features
  • It can help define the jawline and the neck

How Chin Implant Surgery is Done

Typically, a chin implant surgery is done as an outpatient procedure and can be carried out under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. A small incision will be created either inside the mouth or underneath the chin. The surgeon will create a space for the implant and will fit it around the bone of the chin.

A chin implant surgery will usually take an hour to perform from start to finish. However, if there are other procedures that will be done, operating time can increase significantly. After the surgery, sutures will be used to close the incision. The chin will also be bandaged after the procedure.

What Chin Implants Look Like

Chin implants are robust and small devices that are typically made from silicone or other biocompatible materials. The chin implant is molded to fit around the patient’s chin bone. Chin implants can vary in contour and size. Surgeons will guide patients so the most natural looking result is achieved.

Once inserted, they would feel very similar to a natural chin bone. When done by an experienced and qualified surgeon, it would become almost impossible for other people to tell that an individual has had chin augmentation. What’s even amazing is the procedure will require very little downtime.

What to Expect After a Chin Implant Surgery

Most patients can get back to their routine activities within a week after the procedure. Most patients who have had the procedure reported very minimal discomfort. In addition, any soreness, pain, or discomfort often responds well to cold compress or pain medications.

After the surgery, it is recommended that you sleep face up and your head elevated for at least a week or two after the procedure. This can help ensure your incisions can help properly and any post-op swelling is controlled properly. Patients can do strenuous activities three to four weeks after the chin implant surgery.

It is crucial that the specific instructions of the cosmetic surgeon are strictly followed to ensure faster healing and recovery. You will notice significant changes at least a month after the procedure. However, you will be able to see the final results in around three months, after all the residual swelling has subsided.

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