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5 Simple Home Remedies for Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is a digestive issue that leads to loose and watery bowel movements in the patient. It can be extremely uncomfortable, but the only saving grace is that it can be treated effectively at home with rest and simple home remedies. It causes discomfort for a short period of time like a few days or hours after which the symptoms mostly start to lessen.

If the symptoms last longer and the pain and loose bowel movements become unbearable, it may be advised to see a doctor to prevent dehydration.  Eventhough Diarrhoea is known to follow its course and eventually go away on its own, certain home remedies, some of the best medicine for diarrhoea and multivitamin Tablets can speed up the recovery process and make symptoms easy to bear.

Rehydration is key

Diarrhoea tends to cause a shortage of fluids in the body, making it imperative to rehydrate. This is very essential if one wants to recover from diarrhoea. Since one constantly has bowel movement, the body gets deprived of water and important electrolytes such as chloride and sodium are lost. To prevent dehydration, one needs to restore fluids in the body.

Ideally one should keep drinking a lot of water if suffering from diarrhoea especially the children. Another great way is to create an oral rehydration solution at home. This can be made by mixing 1 litre of water with six teaspoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt

When one consumes sugar, salt along with water the intestines can absorb fluids more capably.  This ORS is more effective for rehydration rather than plain water. Other drinks such as Gatorade or fruit juices are also helpful.

Refrain from coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and sodas and very hot beverages as they act as irritants in the digestive tract.

Eat a soothing diet for recovery

Don’t stuff yourself all at once but have frequent small meals every few hours. Try things that are light on your stomach such as khichdi (lentils and rice), lemonade and soft fruits and cooked vegetables.

It is advisable to stay on a liquid diet for the first 24 hours and consume only bland soups, drinks such as chaas (buttermilk), lemonade and salty broths. Post that a recommended diet would include:

  • Fruits as they are rich in pectin
  • Potatoes, sweet potatoes and other foods high in potassium,
  • ORS, sports drinks, miso soup and other foods with electrolytes
  • Mashed and soft vegetables that have been cooked. Nothing raw.
  • Suitable amounts of protein

The recovery diet comprises bland foods that have high starch and low fiber to help solidify the bowel movements. This diet also has helpful nutrients such as pectin, sodium and potassium. This diet is not a balanced one and should be discontinued once the bowel movement has been normalised.

Do not eat certain foods

If one is suffering from diarrhoea, they should abstain from food that is heavy on the stomach and difficult to digest. This would mean avoiding greasy foods such as fried foods, pizza, cheese and more. If you select these types of food, they can irritate and increase the pressure on the gastrointestinal tract. These food groups would involve:

  • High-fat foods such as cheese, pastas, butter chicken etc
  • Greasy foods such as Chinese and anything fried like French fries, fritters, chips
  • Spicy foods like Maggi, flavourful broths and anything that has too many spices
  • Foods that contain artificial sweeteners
  • Foods that have high fructose levels
  • Refrain from dairy products such as milk, fresh cream and ice cream as they worsened the condition in some cases. Especially if one is lactose intolerant, they need to stay away from dairy.

Go for the good bacteria – probiotics

One must consume foods rich in probiotics when one has diarrhoea. These microorganisms are very beneficial for the digestive system & they help the gut to fight off the infection. These live bacteria and yeasts are present in some yoghurts and fermented foods. You may also buy these probiotic supplements, Multivitamin Tablets and all the best medicine For Diarrhoea online at the Healthskool Pharmacy website.

Many researches that have been conducted have noticed that probiotics significantly brought down the recovery duration from diarrhoea.

Medicines for Diarrhoea

Please consult your doctor for the best medicine for diarrhoea as it is never advisable to self-medicate. There are certain over-the-counter drugs, like Roko, Imodium and other such medicines available online at reputed pharmacies such as Healthskool Pharmacy that are known to reduce symptoms and speedup the recovery.

If the diarrhoea is not getting better despite these home remedies and consuming some of the best medicine for diarrhoea, it is recommended that you call your doctor if 48 hours have passed. Even for kids and elder people it is best to consult the doctor alongside these home remedies being administered.

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