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All You Need To Know About The Franchise Cleaning Business

Our Franchise Development aims to help you build a successful business. We will support you throughout the procedure, including developing a strategy and implementing the critical systems. As a regional franchisor, we will help you expand your reach and provide you with the essential guidance and support.

Did You Know…?

No matter your level of experience, our Franchise Development will not require you to have cleaning experience to start a successful franchise cleaning business. Through our extensive training program, you’ll be able to handle all the tasks that come with running a business. You can expect to receive a monthly revenue stream from our Franchise Development. It’s up to you; you can choose how much money and time you want to spend on it. With our flexible investment program, you can set your monthly budget and have the freedom to grow it.

Also, you will not need to find accounts for yourself at Our Franchise Development. Our dedicated sales team will find you the ideal client regardless of your experience level. You can keep your full-time job if you want to work with Our Franchise Development. Our flexible plans allow you to set your budget and have the freedom to spend as little as three hours a week on your cleaning business.

Our Franchise Development requires that all potential employees undergo background checks. These checks are conducted to ensure that the company and the individuals it hires are safe and trustworthy. The Franchise Development also offers veteran discounts. These are part of our company’s efforts to provide our valued veterans with the best possible service.

If you are fascinated in becoming one of the Franchise Development client, you will be required to complete a form and give us a call to discuss the details of your situation. After that, a meeting will get conducted to discuss the various aspects of the business. Then, if you still want to pursue Our franchise, you will receive a copy of the company’s disclosure document. After you have received that document, you will be able to start the process of purchasing a franchise cleaning business.

Why Franchise With Us? 

The Our & Disinfecting Cleaning brand has a stellar reputation for providing its customers with the best possible cleaning experience. This company can help keep your business running smoothly with various cleaning processes and support systems. Additionally, this premier franchise company also provides its customers with the necessary support and certification to help them grow their business. Even if you have no preceding experience with cleaning, Our & Disinfecting Cleaning can help you achieve your goals.


No background in business or cleaning experience is needed to operate with Our Cleaning & Disinfecting. The company’s brand name, uniforms, and comprehensive certification program will help you start your own business, and you will also be able to use the company’s equipment and supplies. In addition, you don’t have to sell to operate with Our Cleaning & Disinfecting. It’s easy to start and manage your own business, and the company will find all the customers you need.


Your potential is in the palm of your hand, and Our Cleaning & Disinfecting can help you reach financial independence. The company’s flexible payment plans and extensive training will allow you to increase. You can start with a small number of clients, and the company can expand as needed.


In addition to earning and growing at your own pace, Our Cleaning & Disinfecting also allows busy individuals to work from home. This cleaning franchise business doesn’t require you to rent office space, and it will enable you to set your schedule. The company’s simple business model allows you to work from home, and it will help you to share in the success of your family and yourself.

Why People Choose Our Products 

We Are Clean 

Our Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees use the latest equipment and products to ensure that their environments are clean and healthy. Some of these include hospital-strength disinfectants, vacuums, and high-performance cleaning solutions. In addition, the company also has an inspection checklist that measures its work to ensure that no spot, corner, or cranny is overlooked.

We Are Trusted 

All the certified franchise cleaning businesses undergo extensive training to maintain high standards. As a result, these individuals can carry out their jobs with the same level of safety and competence that you would expect from a professional company.

Our Service Quality Is Guaranteed 

Unlike other cleaning companies, Our Cleaning & Disinfecting only guarantees the quality of its service. All of its regular cleans are completed on time, and the company’s franchisees are also available to provide a free cleaning if they encounter any issues. The company’s promise is simple: We will always do what we say and mean.

What Are Some Of The Industries We Serve? 

Financial Institutions And Banks 

Due to the varying needs of financial institutions, there is a need for specialized cleaning services. These are why Our Cleaning & Disinfecting Services has partnered with owner-operators specially trained to handle these jobs.

Fitness Centers 

Due to the unique needs of fitness centers and gyms, Our Cleaning & Disinfecting Services has partnered with owner-operators specially trained to handle these jobs. Through its signature program, Our Cleaning & Disinfecting Services provides franchisees with the necessary training and equipment to effectively clean their facilities.


Not every cleaning company can effectively clean manufacturing and industrial facilities. Therefore, our Cleaning & Disinfecting Services has partnered with certified and trained owner-operators to handle these jobs. These individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to clean these areas thoroughly. In addition, each company’s owner-operators have the equipment and expertise to clean these facilities thoroughly.

Schools And Universities 

You need a staff that knows how to get the best possible grade for your school. Our Cleaning & Disinfecting can help you achieve this by providing adequate and efficient school cleaning services. The company’s owner-operator has been certified in the latest cleaning methods and strategies. Whether a school administrator or a trade school owner, Our Cleaning & Disinfecting can help keep your school clean.

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