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Did you Know that Botox Does More than Just Reducing Wrinkles?

Botox injections are a famous cosmetic treatment around the world. Although this wrinkle-reducing treatment is good for smoothing fine lines and other early signs of aging, Botox can do a lot more. Below are some of the fascinating benefits of Botox you might still don’t know:

Narrowing a Wide Jaw

A wide jawline is caused by a slight overgrowth of masseter muscles. This jawline can look more sharp and masculine than most people want. Traitement au botox can be used for shrinking the masseter muscle and easing the jawline to give it a softer look. This leads to a thinner jawline and a more sculpted look.

Lifting the Smile

Once tissues in the face age, they can lose their elasticity and start to droop. Such changes can make you look angry or grumpy, particularly if the sagging tissue tends to pull the mouth’s corners downward. Botox injections can be injected into the Depresser Anguli Oris muscles so that the muscle does not drag down the mouth’s corners, lifting your smile and giving you a brighter look.

Eliminating Unsightly Bunny Lines

Whenever you squint, your nose can show some vertical creases called Bunny Lines. These lines appear after years of scrunching the eyes and wrinkling your nose. But, you can reduce their appearance by injecting Botox between your brows. With this treatment, those lines can disappear for up to four months.

Giving a Cleavage Makeover

Your cleavage can have fine lines after too much exposure to the sun or because of general aging. If you find these lines bothering, you can consider botox injections. This treatment can smooth out these lines, giving your cleavage some spice.

Stopping Sweat

A lot of people use Botox injections for treating hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. This is because of the ability of Botox to block sweat messages which go to the brain. Sweat production stops when these sweat messages are blocked. As Botox let you enjoy a hyperhidrosis-free life for up to six months, it can be a life-changing treatment you will want to have again in the future.

Reducing a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile means your smile shows more than just your teeth. It is smiling with a big part of the gums showing during a big grin. Botox injections, if well-placed, can keep the upper lip from raising so high to show the gums. This leads to the creation of a beautiful, picture-perfect smile that shows off the right teeth and gums proportion.

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