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How Knowing Your Body Helps You Live Longer

With an enduring mechanism of nourishment and defence, the human body is the ultimate machine that no scientific invention can challenge. In addition to the ability to interpret the world’s future happenings through the sense organs, the human body also has receptors for pleasure and pain both physically and emotionally. The excellence of the human body has no match when it comes to repairing the damaged tissue and reproducing the young ones. Every human has an intimate affection towards their body and expects to lead a longer and healthier lifestyle.

To live a healthy and durable life, one has to understand his/ her body’s working. Comprehending the functioning of various systems of the body has a significant role in increasing a human’s robust lifestyle. Though impossible for a human to live forever, one can plan out the present lifestyle to decide the future he wants to have. The Chairman and MD of Medanta, Dr Naresh Trehan says, “If you are not better today than yesterday, then you wasted 24 hours”.

Training your body to live longer

A proper and balanced diet is one of the pivotal factors that affect one’s body’s ageing. It is always recommended that we eat for the body we want and not for the body we already have. Health practitioners suggest including many fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats in the diet. Inclusion of more quantity of sugar, red meat or processed food is always a risk factor to a longer life. Another imperative tip to acquire longevity benefits is to exercise regularly. Regular workout is a fortune for both the physical and mental health of a person. Exercises also strengthen the bones, muscles and biological systems of the body and facilitate healthy ageing of the body tissues by enhancing its durability. Risks such as cardiac arrests, paralysis and cancers can be minimized by staying bidding farewell to smoking and alcoholism. Ranking the happiness in life over stress and anxiety multiplies the ability of one’s body to perform well for a longer time. It is always advised to induce joyfulness and contentment in everyday life.

Welcome the latter days with a smile

All of us have the same amount of zest and motivation to inculcate a healthy lifestyle. All that differs is the implementation of the advice. Dr Naresh Trehan, an eminent cardiac expert of the world, has laid a solid firm to educate the world about the significance of prioritizing happiness in one’s life to augment their lifespan. He often emphasizes that the country should create better benchmarks by working on the infrastructure of healthcare units. He also underlines the essence of excellence in research and teaching a healthy lifestyle. He also says that knowing the purpose of one’s life prepares the body and the mind to live for a longer span to fulfil the purpose. Living for more years is meaningless if the quality of the body and mind is not retained. An unhealthy life is painful to oneself and also to the caretaker. So, it’s time for us to rethink and start working towards a healthier evening of one’s life.

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