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Learn More About Pulsating Headaches Here!

Anyone who has suffered a pulsating headache would know how bad it can get. Frequent pulsating headaches can impact your work, personal life, and livelihood. There are various triggers and causes, and it is important to talk to a doctor, if such headaches become too frequent or hard to manage. In this post, we are sharing more details about pulsating headache

What is a pulsating headache?

In case of a pulsating headache, you will have throbbing pain that will distract you from everything else. While sometimes OTC painkillers do help, many patients complain pulsating headache don’t just disappear with one pill alone. To know more on pulsating headaches, it is important to find the cause, and there are varied causes. The biggest problem with this kind of headache is the nature of pain, which can be disabling.

Knowing the feeling

When you have a pulsating headache, even small things can seem to exaggerate the pain. For instance, you are having a headache, and a sudden noise can increase the pain. In some cases, you may suddenly feel more pain when someone switches on the light. For patients who deal with frequent with pulsating headaches, knowing the feeling and trigger is more than necessary. The pain can extend to your facial muscles and eyes. You may find it hard to focus on anything, unlike a regular headache that typically goes away in little time.

What are the possible causes?

There are various triggers and causes of pulsating headaches. Hunger is the first one to know about. You may feel tightness around your head, because you forgot to have your lunch. If you are someone who has been dependent on caffeine for a while, you may have pulsating headaches when you reduce or stop caffeine. This happens because the body is dealing with the lack of caffeine, and the pain typically is around the frontal part of the head. Allergens and certain contaminants can also be potential triggers. In rare cases, vascular damage can cause pulsating headaches, for which imaging tests are required. Migraines, of course, can cause such headaches, and it may be impossible for the patient to focus on anything. Migraines can run in families.

Don’t ignore frequent pulsating headaches and avoid being entirely dependent on painkillers. Talk to a doctor to know the underlying causes, so that you have a control on the trigger, which can prevent a pulsating headache in the first place.

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