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How to buy the right disinfectant for a home?

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in our routine. We have given up everything that we once thought was essential and adapted to new ones. One of them is the cleaning and sanitizing our homes in newer and more effective ways. Disinfecting is now the new normal. Disinfectants are an advanced form of home cleaning products that can ensure that a home is germ-free.

Sanitizers, disinfectants, and home cleaners – dissimilarities in the trio

  • Home cleaners: It is essential to use home cleanerslike Dettol floor cleaner liquids containing disinfectants, which has a sweet aroma and is capable of killing a wide range of harmful microbes. Most of people use home cleaners for a long period of time, but they aren’t too good for harsh microbes.
  • Sanitizers: One can use a hand sanitizer for spraying on toys, TV remotes, and keyboard to prevent the lurking danger. Sanitizers cannot work on dirty products, and hence they cannot clean greasy products.
  • Disinfectants: A disinfectant is the best product to have in a home as it can provide complete protection for all the kinds of harmful microbes, even COVID-19 and the Ebola virus.

What is the ideal composition of a disinfectant?

Before buying a disinfectant for home, it is essential to learn about the ethics and the composition of an ideal disinfectant. A perfect disinfectant include,

  • Best disinfectants are not inactivated from organic matter
  • Don’t purchase the one treated with hard water
  • Best disinfectants do not leave any residue behind
  • It must not be a corrosive agent
  • Must not be an irritant for the skin and also not create a respiratory issue. and
  • Never purchase a highly toxic one.

One must consider the above factors while purchasing a disinfectant for home. The best disinfectant home cleaning product for COVID-19 is sodium hypochlorite.

 How to use a disinfectant in the right way – 3 step guide

  1. Disinfecting highly used areas

One has to make a list of positively touched areas before starting the process. A typical list of highly connected areas in a home includes,

  • Door handles
  • refrigerator handles
  • bathroom faucets
  • personal keyboards and mouse
  • Mobiles and TV remotes. and
  • Food consuming packets.
  1. How to clean surfaces with disinfectant?

One should not directly apply the disinfectants to hard surfaces; it is better to clean it with a wet cloth and dipping the same in disinfectant and water. One can start disinfecting from clean areas to contaminated areas to prevent the dirt and microbe spread.

  1. Avoid spraying disinfectants

According to World Health Organizations, one must not spray disinfectants indoor but clean the surfaces with a cloth soaked in disinfectant.

The market today is filled with ways and tools that can effectively and positively help you disinfect your homes. However, it becomes important that the right ingredients are chosen according to the need of the household. Panic buying can lead you to buy things that you may never use again. So research properly and choose carefully.

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