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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair is a huge part of our identity. Many of us long for long, luscious hair that always looks immaculate.

Women with long hair have become fashion and beauty icons, with many of us literally daydreaming of having their exact hair. If only all of us had access to famous beauty salon stylists to come glam us up everyday!

But the truth is, you do not need to drop a fortune to have long hair that everyone envies. All you really need is a quality hair dryer, eat a diet that consists of lots of vitamins and a really good hair brush.

Those with long hair generally have healthy hair. But yet many of us struggle even to have our hair grow a few inches!

We all know that making your hair grow is not something you just sit around for wishing to happen. You have to put consistent effort into achieving this beauty trademark. So what is a girl to do?

Luckily, hair stylists have revealed their secrets to how to grow long hair quickly, such as hair growth oil. We’ve rounded up to top tips for you to try at home.

  1.     Look after your scalp

Everyone always focuses on making their hair beautiful and silky, but rarely do we think about how our shampoos and conditioners will impact our scalp. Taking care of our scalp is essential for having long hair because it is our scalp that our hair follicles literally attach to! When we look after our scalp, we are giving our hair a better chance of growing longer and being stronger so we can enjoy that long hair for a long time! Tricks to taking care of your scalp include using specialized scalp oils and cream masks to show our scalp lots of love! Also, consider getting shampoo that is catered for the scalp. You will see a real difference with a healthy scalp!

  1.     Get lots of hair cuts

This one seems like a bit of a paradox, but the more frequently you get your hair cut, the faster your hair will grow longer. We aren’t talking complete makeovers with the hair, but just little trims that get rid of all the split ends. Experts recommend that you should be getting your hair trimmed around once every two months and cutting at least a fraction of an inch off to see max growth results. Trust us on this one, and you’ll thank us later!

  1.     Try hair growth vitamins

The nutrients we fuel our body with from our diet has a direct impact on our hair growth! If we are lacking essential vitamins, our hair won’t have the essential recourses to actually grow longer! Luckily, vitamins have been created with hair growth at the forefront, with lots of vitamin A, C, and D packed in to give your hair lots of extra love. But as with all vitamin supplements, they should never substitute your actual meal! Make sure to pay extra attention to what you are eating and try to get as many vitamins in your system the natural way as well.

  1.     Condition always, shampoo less

This one may shock a bit of people, but the priority with washing your hair should always be conditioning your hair! If you don’t condition it, split ends are going to occur faster! So for those that want to grow long hair, lather up that conditioner goodness every single day! It should actually be shampoo that you focus on less as it dries up your hair. This is also why you should never just go for the cheap shampoo and conditioner, as the products used are likely to be not as beneficial for your hair!

  1.     Avoid hot water

Little fun fact, cold water can boost your hair growth! Rather than lathering it up and rinsing it off in warm water, try rinsing the conditioner out with cold hair instead. This will allow your hair to dry smoothly and retain more moisture. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, just a short shock to the system, and your hair will be bouncing to grow!

  1.     Try hair growth oil

Similar to what vitamins can do for your hair, oils can do the same thing! Using natural vitamins and minerals that are proven to make your hair even more luscious, hair growth oil helps keep your hair strong and shiny. All you need is a little bit to go a long way. Try experimenting with this either in lieu of conditioner or combining with conditioner.

Growing long hair isn’t rocket science, it just takes persistence and a little bit of discipline. If you are wanting that long hair, make sure to book those regular hair appointments in, don’t shy away from the oils and conditioners, shock your body with rinsing your hair in cold water and be aware of the nutrients you fuel your body with. You’ll have long, beautiful hair in no time!


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