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How To Use The Hair Turban to Dry Your Hair

If you’re looking for a better way to dry your hair with fewer risks of damaging the hair scalp and breaking the hair, your best choice is to go for a hair turban. Hair turbans for drying hair are very easy and convenient to use. You can dry your hair while carrying out other activities.

Hair turbans will save you the time and stress it takes to use a hand dryer to get your hair dried after washing. Better still, using the hair turban can get rid of up to fifty percent of the water in your hair at half the time it will take you using a hand dryer.

Hair turbans ensure that the hair retains its regular moisture. Hair turbans also ensure the hair maintains its strength and glossy appearance. Hair turbans for drying hair are made from unique woven high-absorbent material. The material does not require any form of heat or rubbing. Thanks to the unique weaving method that enables the turban to rapidly and evenly absorb moisture from the hair.

How to tie your hair turban in three easy steps  

Tying the hair turban is an art. You may fumble at your first few attempts, but practice always makes perfect. The guide below will help you to master the process.

Step 1: start from the back to the front

Tilt your head downward, allowing your hair to flow in a downward position. Start tying your turban from the back to the front. Ensure that the button is centered at the nape of your neck. This step is crucial because it is going to determine how well your turban sits on your head.

Step 2: Twist the turban tightly and secure the loop to the button  

Begin to twist the turban until it is tight. Ensure it is comfortable and sits properly on the head. Secure the turban firmly using the loop provide in front of the button at the back of your neck. When putting on your turban, be gentle, and avoid rubbing the hair.

Step 3: Allow the hair to dry

Once your turban is secured, you can go about your regular chores or relax over your favorite program and allow the hair to dry. Ensure to check your hair now and then for the level of moisture—depending on what you want to do with your hair next. Once you notice that the hair is no longer wet, you can remove the turban. Remember to finish your drying by applying a moisturizer and essential oils if you have dry, damaged hair.

Tips to taking off the turban

Taking the right steps in removing the turban is just as crucial as tieing it. Removing the turban wrongly can cause stretching of the hair. The first thing you need to do when it is time to remove your turban is to locate the twisted part that curls into the elastic band. Hold it firmly and pull. This will release the turban. After using the hair turban, lay it flat in an airy space so that it can dry properly—and ready for next use.

Keep your hair turban clean

It is ideal to wash the hair turban after a few use. Hair turbans are made of microfiber. Therefore, exercise care and caution when washing them. It is better to wash them separately. This is because fabric softeners will lower the absorbency of the towel. Stick to the washing guide provided by the manufacturer.

Why you should avoid towels and blow dryers

The cuticle is the outer part of the hair that protects the hair from damage. When the hair gets wet, the cuticles absorb water and become enlarged. At this point, the hair is delicate and prone to injury. Using a towel or blow dryer on wet hair puts pressure or heats up the moisture, respectively. Either way, the health of your hair begins to deteriorate.  

Unfortunately, many women rely on the blow dryer for their hair because they feel it is fast and convenient. However, the truth is, the wrong use of the hairdryer can be harmful to your hair. Using the hairdryer at a very close range can cause your natural hair moisture known as hydration water to dry up. The result is frizzling and flaky hair. The advantage of using hair turban over other drying methods is that it will only absorb the excess moisture without interfering with your natural hydration moisture.


In addition to assisting you in achieving optimal dryness, hair turbans have become useful beauty accessories. Just like your hair, your turban is delicate. Air drying your turban will prolong its lifespan as opposed to heat drying. If you must toss it over a dryer, make sure that the heat is set at the minimum. Also, when air drying, make sure it is in an area with proper ventilation.

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