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Indicating the Difference between General Eye Exam and Contact Lens Exam

A routine eye exam is totally different from eye test done for contact lens. Generally, people get confused between the two eye tests and its importance in not known. Moreover, as both are concerning eye test, the difference never comes to limelight.

What is the difference between the two eye exams?

  • A routine eye checkup: It is done to take care of the overall health of your eyes. Few tests related to vision check up is taken by the optometrist. Mainly during the tests vision sharpness, glaucoma and the fluid pressure in the person’s eyes is checked. If any eye disorder is detected, the eye specialist will suggest the remedies and treatment process to cure the condition.

If the eyes are normal then the next appointment after few months is suggested to repeat the general eye exam. While checking the vision if the person is having trouble of long sightedness or short sightedness, then lens is suggested according to the power required to clear the vision defect. Many people prefer to use contact lens instead of convectional eyeglass for varied reasons.

  • Contact lens exam: It is quite different from normal eyeglass exam. While checking for the best suitable eyeglass the optometrist will take measurements for the lens that will be twelve millimeters away from your eyes. While for contact lens, the eye specialist will take measurements for lenses that sits directly on the surface of the eyes. The contact lens exams are more expensive. The test will provide info on the lenses that are perfectly suitable for the size and shape of your eyes. Even tear formation level is considered before a contact lens is suggested to a patient.

How contact lens exam is conducted:

Generally, the advanced medical visual device termed as contact lens isn’t suitable for every person having visual issues. Thus, varied tests are involved in examining your eyes to know whether there will be any trouble if a patient uses contact lens instead of traditional eyeglasses.

Trial lenses will be given for you to wear during the tests. Using them for a while will help you know the most appropriate lens suitable to rectify the visual disorder. The follow up appointment is required after the required contact lens is prescribed for the patient. In the next sitting schedule, the optometrist will let you know if you are comfortable wearing the contact lens and whether your eyes have accepted the change.

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