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Regular Facial Skin Treatment for Young and Clear Complexion

Facial process seems a little mysterious with the applying and removing of creams. What actually does steam do? Basically, facial is a skin treatment using multiple steps. It is best method for skin care. It is done for several fine reasons like –

  • Remove blackheads
  • Obtain help in an anti-ageing regimen
  • Feel relaxed and pampered

In facial the skin gets cleansed, exfoliated, and nourished. It helps to promote a clear and well-hydrated complexion, which makes one look younger. Facial works wonder on your skin, if it is conducted regularly.

Whom to approach for facial?

Esthetician specialises in skin care training and are certified. On the other hand, cosmetologists can give facials but they are majorly trained in hair therefore not a good choice. Dual licensed therapists do facials and massage, so is a good alternative. After massage facial is most prevalent spa treatment.  You can visit to book an appointment and get your face looking clean and young.

Basic steps for facial


Fill the form regarding your skin concerns, diet you eat, water amount you drink, drugs you take, and products you are using. Some drugs affect skin and the esthetician recommends treatment accordingly.


A wrap is offered, which goes around your body, under the arms, and closes with Velcro. Your hair is wrapped with a headband or towel, so to keep cleansing products off it.


Esthetician uses cotton pads to sponge or wipe the face. Your eyes are covered and skin is looked at through brightly lit magnifying spotlight. Your basic skin kind is determined [oily, dry, sensitive, normal] as well as your skin conditions [blackheads, acne, aging, whiteheads, dehydrated, sun damage, etc.]. Appropriate products as well as treatment methods are then chosen. After consulting with you about this the esthetician starts the cleansing process.


Machine which releases thin warm steam vapour is directed to your face. Skin gets relaxed and softens. This allows white and black heads to be extracted. For sensitive skin steam is not used.


Mechanical exfoliants have gritty texture, which rubs the dead skin cells away. Chemical exfoliation makes use of acids and enzymes to loosen bond between the skin cells.


In this process, the black or whiteheads are removed, if you need it. Extraction is painful on thin skin, so many people don’t want it. Extraction can cause discoloration due to broken capillaries, if not done properly.

Facial massage

Classic massage strokes are used to relax and stimulate facial skin and muscles.

Facial mask

Mask are applied as per your skin kind and condition.

Final step

Toner, moisturizer and serums are applied. If it is daytime sunscreen is used.

Facials differ in cost at day spas. Special serums and masks also raise the cost.

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