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Top 7 Reasons To Consider Bouldering For Fitness!

Fitness routines and gym training can get monotonous in time, more so when you have reached your ideal weight. If variety and effective full-body workout is what you seek, bouldering should fit the bill for the right reasons. For the uninitiated, bouldering is indoor variant of rock climbing, so you have artificial walls and boulders, where you would be climbing often without a harness or a rope. The best climbing gyms, such as BlocShop in Montreal, also offer training for rock climbing and bouldering, so if you don’t have any experience of such activities.

Here are some more reasons to consider bouldering for fitness.

  • Because it’s for the entire body. Climbing is a full-body workout, which has its mix of strength training and cardio. If you are just trying to get fit or want to skip the standard gym, this is a great choice by all means.

  • Because anyone can learn. Unless you have heart disease, vertigo and other serious health concerns, bouldering is for you. In fact, it is also a recommended activity for teens over the age of 15.
  • Because it never feels the same. No two climbing surfaces are the same, and even if you are using the same wall each day, the route would be different. It prevents the workout from getting boring or repetitive.
  • Because it challenges the mind. The whole idea of bouldering is to reach the top of the wall, and your mind has to find new ways to achieve that. Experts and trainers agree that this is a great mental exercise, as well.
  • Because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Bouldering is often done without any ropes or harness and doesn’t require any other equipment. Climbing gyms assist people in getting started, so you don’t need to know a lot beforehand.
  • Because it helps in understanding your body. Bouldering requires three important and critical aspects for fitness – stamina, strength and balance, and with each session, you will understand more about your body and fitness levels.

  • Because it is more of a social activity. Most gyms allow experts and newbies to try bouldering together, so you would be encouraging others and learn from their experiences. It’s a challenge that everyone wants to solve together.

Check online now to find more on bouldering, and don’t forget to find a gym that can also train you for rock climbing, so as to experience the benefits outdoors.

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