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The Future of Healthcare – Online Doctor Consultation

Online doctor consultations have seen a huge boom recently. Now, at the very comfort of your own home, you can get most of your medical needs fulfilled. Doctors, such as General Physicians are available to us throughout the day on chat or even on a video call. Online healthcare providers have stepped up their game and have helped cut down on those long waiting hours in the hospital corridors and given us instant access to healthcare professionals.

Especially with the rise in technology, it has become even more convenient for online doctor consultations, for all age groups. Given the global pandemic situation, it is more important than ever to be able to get the right medical assistance at the right time. The nationwide lockdown post the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in significant growth of online traffic from even Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. The fear of contracting infections is a key driving factor which are keeping regular patients away from hospitals. The rise in online medical care facilities can allow healthcare professionals to prioritize and effectively use their resources to best help everyone.

The rise in online medical consultation

Over 50 million Indians have accessed online medical consultation in the recent past, and over 80% were first-timers. This effectively shows the increase in demand for online doctor consultations. Several first-level diagnoses that require a General Physicians assessment or regular check-ups were halted due to lockdown dislocations.

During these trying times, many are faced with all sorts of health challenges – physically and mentally. With the kind of burden that healthcare systems are faced with, online consultation is truly a blessing. Especially, when healthcare systems have to figure out the most efficient use of some of their limited resources.

How has it helped everyone?

 No more waiting. People no longer have to waste time just waiting for an appointment. With more convenient access to healthcare, people are tended to more promptly than ever.

 People do not have the burden of travel anymore. Especially patients who find it difficult to do so due to their medical conditions, or the lockdown restrictions, can now get the care and attention they need from their respective medical professionals through online medicare facilities.

Online doctor consultations are affordable, accessible and practical in current times.

Digitalization of reports has also helped people decrease the risk of misplaced files. This way the healthcare professionals and you have complete access to your health history. Thanks to the same, it has also become more convenient to get a second opinion/consultation, allowing people to feel safer as they can stay better informed about their conditions.

For health care workers, online consultations have helped them restructure their usage of resources to have a more effective impact on their fellow patients. Given the limited resources and growing need for medical assistance during a pandemic, it is important that healthcare professionals can manage their consultations.

Since many hospitals and other facilities are using their physical space to provide healthcare for Covid-19 patients and other high-intensity cases, it is challenging to have everyone visit the hospitals in-person. With online consultation facilities, it helps medical professionals bring in only those individuals, who need in-person medical attention and treatment.

And of course, there is the ultimate advantage given the current situation – social distancing. Online check-ups help us get all the consultation, diagnosis and prescriptions needed without having to even step outside. Helping ensure that everyone is safely distant from each other while also making sure their medical needs are met and cared for.

The Road Ahead 

Online doctor consultations facilitated by 24/7 healthcare platforms have changed the landscape for consultations. It’s safe to say that due to the lockdown over the past months, people have become accustomed to the online method of consultation.

 With everything being tended to instantly and with so much convenience, it is predicted to be a much more popular route of consultation in the coming years ahead. We could say that online doctor consultations are the future of healthcare.

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