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Is there any eligibility criteria to buy health insurance in India

Choosing a health insurance policy that is apt for your family among several health insurance plans can be overwhelming. Also, knowing the eligibility criteria could help in the process of selecting the best health insurance plan for yourself and your family. Read on to learn about eligibility for health insurance in India.

Having a health insurance plan is crucial for every family to help deal with rising medical costs. The need for health insurance increases if the primary bread earner is hospitalised. So, what is the need to have a health insurance plan?

Need for Health Insurance

Researchers say that with the changing lifestyle, we all are getting prone to illness, and with rising medical costs, treatment of these diseases is becoming even more expensive. To deal with such a scenario, a health insurance plan is a must. And this is why the health insurance industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing insurance segments in India.

What feature does a health insurance plan include?

  • Health insurance covers the expenses incurred for pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation
  • It pays for the costs incurred for other treatment-related like doctor fees, room rent, ICU, ambulance charges, and many more as per the inclusions mentioned in the policy documents.
  • The plan offers coverage for consultations, investigations, and medicines.
  • It provides facility for cashless treatment if treated in any of the network hospitals
  • Few plans also come with a daily allowance

Are you eligible for health insurance in India?

While looking for a perfect health insurance plan in India, you would think if you are eligible for the health insurance plan. To get the apt health insurance plan that perfectly fits your needs, few factors are considered like age, premium, coverage discounts etc. Let’s check out what are the factors that the insurance company considers:

Medical tests

When you plan to buy the best health insurance plan, you may have to undergo medical tests. The state of health is a major factor that decides your eligibility for a health insurance plan. In India, it is not mandatory to have medical tests below the age of 45, but the insurance company does count for pre-existing diseases.

Medical screening is done to examine blood, urine tests, and detect abnormalities in the liver or kidney. For people aged more than 55 years and seek higher cover, he/she would have to undergo more blood tests.

In such a case where the medical tests are not conducted, one must give a good health declaration. The declaration is a written proof where one must take care of any pre-existing health conditions.

Minimum Entry Age

An individual can buy family floater plans or individual health plans. To avail health benefits for your kids, the kid should be between 16 days to 18 years of age. The health insurance coverage differs according to the age of the beneficiaries.

Here is the checklist to buy the best health insurance plan.

No Claim Bonus

If you have not made any claim during the policy year, you can get No claim bonus. NCB can be availed while you renew your health insurance plan.

Family Discounts

If you have chosen a family plan, you can get a flat rate discount depending upon the members included in your plan.

To buy the best health insurance plan, it is vital to check your eligibility for the plan. Usually, the health insurance plans try giving you the best coverage according to your needs.

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