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Things to understand in early years of child development

The first five years of a child’s life are really fundamental to shape a child’s health, growth, happiness, learning and development in different settings including family, school, community and life in general. There are a lot of things parents, guardians, teachers, direct family, caretakers or every person who has a role to play in the life of toddlers overlook or neglect. It may also happen that they are unaware of the repercussions of not taking care of the child in the early years of his development or do not know the right practices for child development. Hence, it is always advised to track the growth of the child via baby growth calculator. This article shall shed light on what are the key aspects contributing to child development in early years.

  • All brains are developed and respond in a similar manner, but each child develops at his or her own pace. They have different interests, style of social interaction temperament and approach to learning. Child development practices should be altered as per the needs of each child and pre-schools should have a balanced teacher to child ratio so that each child receives individual attention.
  • Development is a highly interactive process. One cannot expect the holistic development of a child just like that. Engaging with the child by gesturing, talking, smiling or playing lets them know there is someone there for them and helps them develop bonds. Moreover, keeping a proper routine with engaging physical activities will really help and that parents can note the growth in height weight age chart too.
  • Close relationships with other reliable, nurturing and available adults do not, as believed, interfere with a young child’s relationship with his or her parents but can enhance his emotional and social development. The more they interact, the more communicative abilities they will develop. On the contrary, if there are frequent disruptions in care and poor interactions in early childhood, a child’s ability to communicate their needs and his expectations as to whether the same will be met is deeply affected.
  • Even infants are affected by any significant stressful condition threatening their family and caregiving setting. This might trigger chemical reactions in the brain that can last a lifetime. This can further lead to lack of concentration and poor mental abilities. Thus, it is very important to maintain a healthy environment.
  • Encountering fewer experiences that trigger a sustained and powerful stress response allow a kid’s brain to strengthen and build neural connections required for learning. Thus, children must be taught through activities how to deal with certain problems while ensuring it does not affect them negatively.
  • A lot of behavioral antics and traits are acquired by children through imitating the behavior of close ones. If you shout at a child, you might not realize it at that time but the child will eventually learn to shout back and will grow up to be short-tempered. Cajoling and being responsive to a child does wonders to his early development.

While there are many psychological factors at play in early child development, the above things are basic and quite crucial.

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