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3 Physical Signs Of Alcoholism You Probably Didn’t Know

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common forms of modern substance abuse. It has existed for a very long time and continues to be a constant struggle for many humans to manage their usage of this substance. Alcohol can have some very intense and very strong impacts on both the physical body of the abuser as well as on their mental state and stability.

Alcohol abuse is constantly studied and to this day, new research informs of its newly found impacts alcohol has on the human body. Alcohol in extreme amounts can be very problematic to the body. Here are some signs of alcoholism skin:

·      Cellulitis

Drinking consistently and heavily can be very weakening to the immune system of the body. This is a bacterial infection that focuses on the upper layer of an individual’s skin, and is very obviously visible. This is a skin infection that affects the lower portions of the legs and can make the legs look blotchy, and the skin becomes red, swollen and it becomes incredibly painful. It also becomes very warm to touch. This is a serious condition and it needs immediate treatment.

·      Sun Sensitivity

This is a lesser-known physical reaction that happens to an individual who consumes extreme amounts of alcohol and can be classified as an alcoholic. Sun sensitivity simply means that these individuals are very sensitive to the sunlight and the heat and this can manifest in very physical symptoms. Headaches, pain, and burning are some of the symptoms of this condition. This is due to the more genetic elements as alcohol can be a triggering factor in this situation. This can make the skin turn red and itchy.

·      Skin Cancer

Drinking has also been linked to various cases of oral cancer. Research also indicates that alcohol consumption can be linked to various kinds of common skin cancers. Cancer is a mutation of the cells of an individual caused due to damage to the DNA chain of cells by external influences. The body is capable of repairing some of this damage but alcohol can interfere with this very crucial process.

Some of these are some of the more unknown physical impacts of alcohol consumption and what it can do to the body.

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