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Implantology – An Astonishing Progress In Dentistry

Survival of humans and medical science are extricable. Medical treatment techniques and developments have been the major reason behind the survival, evolution and progress of mankind. There are many fields of medical sciences that have developed and evolved over the ages, implantology being one of them.

We, humans, love eating. But is that enough? Surely not. You must ensure that your teeth are in optimum conditions to help you enjoy the taste of your favourite food.

Here is a quick look over the field of medical science that ensures healthy teeth for us.

The Crucial discovery Made

The implantology was discovered by an Orthopedic Surgeon from Sweden who observed that he could not remove titanium perceptible chambers which he had implanted in rabbits leg bones sometime earlier.

The term “Osseointegration” referring to “Osseo”-bone and “integration”- fusion erected later and it is issued as a biological basis success in the modern-day dental implantations.

The unique properties of titanium made it easier for many dental implants to take over. Its biocompatibility and strong stature provide a firm root of a tooth thus making it is used by most manufacturers of the tooth implants.

Modernization and Implantology

In the past four decades, it was discovered the agility at which titanium influences the speed at which the integration process occurs with the jawbone. In the ancient days, the dental implants were smoothed surface.

For the integration process to be complete, it would take up to six months in total. Consequently, with advanced knowledge of the structure of the bone, it becomes clear that bones grow exponential in rough surfaces and the “Osseointegration” process was reduced to approximately six weeks.

In the ancient days, there was a lagging of time from when implantations were done to when the patients receive their teeth, this period was referred to as “healing time”.

In the past decades, scientists have been able to come up with ways that improve this process. Today with the Modern technology, Implants are fabricated with the modernized threads thus it is possible for implants to be embedded snuggly into the jawbones that the teeth can safely fasten to them.


In addition, there is a revolutionized implant technique known as “All-on-4” that makes it possible for patients to get an entire row of teeth strategically replaced with dental implants within a single day. You can avail the facilities of  implantologie rive-sud to experience modern technology of implantology.

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