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Building A Full-Body Circuit Training Workout For Women

Many women are invested in keeping their bodies healthy and fit while getting that gorgeously toned body they aim for. The right training not only gives your body a great workout but also trains your mind to endure and keep at it till you’ve achieved your goals. If you’re looking for the perfect workout that is effective and yet takes only a few minutes out of your busy day, circuit training is the workout for you.

Circuit training is a workout that consists of moving from station to station continuously without much rest in between. This involves setting up stations for different types of exercises, working at each for a set amount of time, and rotating quickly from one to another challenging your body while you keep your heart rate up. Join a leading ladies gym in Dubai for circuit training workouts made by a professional to suit your needs and get constant guidance through it.

You’ll find the following stations in a good circuit training workout:

  • Lower-body station (both legs)
  • Upper-body station (arms)
  • Lower-body station (single-leg)
  • Core station
  • Cardio station

Circuit training is ideal for any fitness level because you can customise your workout. It is important to target all stations, but it is also a good idea to focus on the ones you need the most. Combined cardio/strength training is a benefit of circuit training, which makes crossfit training one of the most efficient ways to train since it combines both fat burning and muscle building.

How Does Circuit Training Work?

There are usually five to ten stations in circuit workouts, each representing a particular muscle group or cardio exercise. It is possible to structure your session so that you spend a specific amount of time at each station, or you may perform a specific number of reps at each station instead, or a combination of both.

If you prefer to workout longer, you can go through more rounds of your circuit. However, even with only 15 minutes of circuit training, you will still get a solid workout. With different stations targeting different muscle groups, such as your upper body, legs, and core, you’re able to move quickly from one station to another; this allows one group of muscles to recover while another is put to work. On the other hand, regardless of which muscle group you target, your cardiovascular system gets a constant workout.

It is completely up to you whether or not to add weights to your workout. You may not be able to perform as many reps at a given station if you add dumbbells or some form of resistance but this will gradually become much easier.

Types Of Exercises You Could Do To Target Each Station For Circuit Training

A basic circuit training workout would consist of 1 minute sessions of a single exercise of choice  from each of the following stations, which would then be repeated for a total of three times with no breaks in between. As you move to target totally different areas with each exercise, that muscle group gets enough rest before you get to it again for round 2 and three or even more.

  • Lower body: Squats (bodyweight or weighted), Sumo squats, Glute bridges
  • Upper body: Triceps dips, Plank walkouts or pushups, Biceps curl to overhead presses
  • Single-leg: Lateral lunges, Reverse lunges, Alternating curtsy lunges
  • Core: Sit-ups, Flutter kicks, Deadbugs
  • Cardio: High knees, burpees, Jump rope, Side shuffles, Lateral shuffle taps

This would be a 15 minute full-body workout. You can change up the exercises the next day yet the main muscle groups it targets would still be getting the exercise they need. As you master the 15 minute workouts you can move on to 25 minute or 35 minute workout sessions as you see fit with modifications made to your liking and as per the guides your trainer gives you.

You should warm up before starting, and warm down once you’ve finished sweating; stretching your major muscles for 30 seconds each is the ideal way to perform this workout. Warm downs aim to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and keep your muscles strong and mobile by calming down your nervous system.

An exercise in which strength training and aerobic conditioning are combined into a full-body workout for women, circuit training enhances muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance, while burning hundreds of calories. Now that you know what to do, get in touch with a professional to customise your Full-Body Circuit Training Workout, the first step towards leading a healthy life.

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