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Nutrition & Fitness: An Art of Balance to Maximize the Workout

When it comes to improving your efficiency and meeting your fitness goals, nutrition is key. Regular exercise is important but a large amount of research has proved that nutrition accounts for 80% of our overall health and fitness. This explains why people who overlook proper nutrition fail to attain their goals.

A well-balanced diet with a daily workout routine will help you reach and sustain your fitness goals. Here are the fundamentals of training your body in a way that fulfils your fitness objectives.

What makes a healthy diet?

A healthy diet should contain a variety of nutritious foods with the right ratios while limiting refined carbohydrates, added sugars, and processed foods.

The ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats may differ according to your age, level of exercise, and certain health conditions.

However, the most common model of an ideal plate consists of:

  • a quarter of a plate of protein-rich foods.
  • a quarter of a plate of healthy carbohydrates.
  • half a plate of colorful, non-starchy vegetables or fruits.

Plan out your meals and set an eating schedule

Planning your meals ahead of time will prevent you from overeating while ensuring that you’re getting your daily nutritional needs. Create a plan to consume a balanced mix of protein, healthy fat, and fibre-rich carbohydrates at each meal. Allow yourself a couple of snacks and maybe one treat for the week.

You can get a free personalized nutrition plan As a part of our fitness bundles that are created by the best of Dubai Personal Trainers.

Fueling up before workouts

Before you grab a pre-workout snack make sure it achieves the right carb-to-protein ratio. This can increase your energy level, improve your performance and minimize muscle damage. Consider any of these simple snacks:

  • Bananas.
  • Nuts.
  • A small cup of yoghurt.
  • Nut butter.
  • Grapes, berries, and oranges.

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is essential for a variety of reasons, including regulating body temperature, delivering nutrients to cells, and keeping organs working properly. It’s recommended to consume not less than 2 liters of water per day.

Compensate for the water lost during workouts by drinking plain water or a mix of healthy juices, and stay away from sugar-sweetened beverages.

Attaining ideal body shape and weight require exercise, consuming correct foods, and staying away from harmful foods. However, it also requires patience and consistency. Keeping consistent with exercise and diet, you would not only achieve your fitness goals but will also see positive changes in your health and lifestyle.

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