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EMSculpt is One of the Best Treatments for Sculpting, Toning and Contouring the Body

The perfect body is a very relative thing. With body-positivity and a more healthy outlook on what it means to look good, more and more people are confident about their appearance and accepting of who they are. But there are some fitness conventions that have stood the test of time and are considered stylish to this very day.

Whether it’s a sculpted body or toned muscles that look perfectly chiseled, people want to look good not for the sake of following in the footsteps of their favorite actors or models, but simply because they wish to enjoy what they see in the mirror. And there are several cosmetic treatments capable of bringing these desires to life, without putting much pressure on the body itself. By visiting some of the best practitioners around, such as Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics, you can learn about their Coolsculpting, Cooltone and EMSculpt NYC treatments, which are among the best methods of toning and sculpting the body.

Each of these has a different function and can benefit you in their own distinct ways. Knowing what they do could help you get the exact results that you’re looking for, when considering your next body sculpting or toning treatment.


When it comes to physical training, there are two kinds of outcomes you can expect: bulky and ripped.

Bulkiness emphasizes mass. Bigger muscles, stronger, more durable body and an overall fit form. Ripped, on the other hand, is all about how the muscles look; their shape, size, symmetry and general visibility. You focus more on the aesthetics of your muscles.

Cooltone focuses more on getting you closer to looking ripped, but also on their bulkiness at the same time. It will make your muscles much more visible and toned on top of making them stronger.

Typically, you would have to follow a very strict exercise program and spend hours toning each and every muscle area if you want to get that ripped appearance. But with Cooltone, you can put all the effort elsewhere, because there is no easier way to tone the body.

What happens when you exercise? The movement causes specific muscles to get stronger through the constant contractions. This is limited by how easily you are tired or how strong your muscles are. What Cooltone does, is it replicates this movement that happens in your regular exercise routine by contracting muscles at super speeds.

Using MMS (Magnetic Muscle Stimulation), the muscles are stimulated into quickly contracting over and over again, which is like doing your normal exercises, but at an incredibly fast rate. The Cooltone equipment is placed on the designated area, where it begins to cause the contractions. It takes around an hour to treat each area. During this time, you can definitely tell that the Cooltone is working, as you can feel your muscles working, almost as if you’re exercising.

After a few sessions, you’ll start to feel the difference. While you won’t get ripped overnight, the muscles do get gradually toned over time, until one day you look in the mirror and see more clearly chiseled muscles.


While Cooltone takes care of the muscles, Coolsculpting works with the excess fat in your body. You’ll find fat all over your body, which is completely natural. Pretty much everyone has it, so there’s nothing wrong with it.

The problem comes from how much of it there is and where it’s located. Some fat won’t really bother you. If you have a little bit of it on your stomach, it’s not a big problem as long as all your clothes can fit. Excess fat becomes a problem when you can’t walk in shorts or skirts without the inner sides of your thighs rubbing against each other or a double chin showing up in all your photos. And these are only a couple examples.

There are natural methods of burning away fat, with regular exercise and dieting. But not everyone has the time or the determination to take hours out of their day to go to the gym or the local organic grocery store and take care of their healthy lifestyle responsibilities.

So, there’s Coolsculpting, which freezes fat cells away without damaging the skin or body. Since fat cells have a weakness to cold temperatures, by exposing them to it long enough, practitioners are able to accurately burn away fat, without any injections or cuts. Like Cooltone, it’s completely non-invasive and has very few to no side effects.

And much like Cooltone, patients will have to wait for several months before they can see the final results. This makes a lot of sense, however, considering how the fat is trimmed purely through your body’s natural processes; no chemicals or compounds are required.


While Cooltone tones muscles and Coolsculpting burns fat, EMSculpt fits somewhere in between both these treatments. It utilizes technology that’s similar to Cooltone, but as a result it also trims away some fat, like Coolsculpting.

This is a perfect treatment for anyone who wants to tone their muscles, but also reduce some of the fat that’s keeping them from getting those clear and emphasized muscles. And, of course, like the other two, EMSculpt is also completely non-invasive. There are side-effects, but they’re very minor ones and generally go away on their own. Generally, the most discomfort you’ll feel after the treatment is a little aching, but that’s natural considering all the muscle contractions.

And yes, you will have to wait a few months for the final results. It will take some time, but when you see what other people have achieved with EMSculpt NYC and LA residents especially, you’ll be convinced that it does actually work.

But a very important aspect of EMSculpt, as well as the other treatments, is to discipline yourself after the treatment is finished. While all three can have a permanent effect on your body, if you don’t exercise and go back to your unhealthy habits, the fat will come back and the muscles will lose their toned appearance.

So, never stop giving your body the attention it needs. If you do this, you’ll only need these treatments once in your life and be absolutely satisfied with the way you look for a very long time.

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