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How to Prepare for Your Telehealth Visit  

Patients have for long benefited from telehealth visits. According to the American Telehealth Association report of October 2016, about 22% of patients have once sought telehealth services. With the increasing need for convenience, the numbers have since risen exponentially. Nonetheless, there are several preparations to make your visit worthwhile.

Here’s how to prepare for your telehealth visit:

  1. Paperwork preparation

Although telehealth is offered electronically, you’re still required to give the same information as you would in the doctor’s office. If seeking medical help from a Gastroenterologist in San Diego, you’ll fill out insurance forms and other essential documents. So, confirm with your doctor, and be sure to give out accurate information as required.

  1. Get updates from the insurance company.

There are many regulations in telehealth, and all keep on changing. Talk to your insurance provider and ascertain whether the services are covered. You don’t want to seek telehealth services only to pay hefty amounts of money after your insurer declines to pay up.

  1. Update your health information

Before meeting with the doctor or your routine care, ensure that the provider has all the necessary information. For instance, if seeking diabetes management services, send the latest report of your blood sugar to the doctor.

Also, include any other information that the health provider may require before the call. This way, your doctor will have time to review beforehand. By so doing, you save a lot of time and will have time to focus on other critical aspects of managing your condition.

  1. Check your equipment

Confirm whether your equipment is operating optimally. Examine the camera volume and adjust it upwards. Ensure that it has access to the relevant application before making a call. Check out any other technical issue that may delay your appointment and resolve if before making the call.

  1. Get a quiet location or setting.

You can make a call from anywhere, and the setting matters a lot. You don’t want to make a call from a noisy place full of distractions. Call from a quiet, well-lit room, and avoid sitting in front of a bright window. It will give an obscure image to the provider. Calling from outside isn’t advisable, either. It will compromise your privacy, and wind or noise can interfere with your call.

  1. Have a notebook and a pen

You’ll need to note down any recommendations from the doctor, and a notebook will come in handy. The provider will also respond to any questions that you may have, and the best way to remember this is to jot down the points.

The doctor will later email you a summary of all the notes, but it’s helpful to have your copy. You can also use the notebook to note down any questions or symptoms that you may need to discuss.

A quick wrap up

Prepare in advance to have the best experience during your telehealth visit. It will also be helpful to have a close person accompany you. They can help you note down the doctor’s recommendations and raise other concerns in case you forget some of the things.

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