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How to Put Together a First-Period Kit for Yourself

Getting your first period can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if it comes unexpectedly at school. Making a simple kit with the essentials can help you feel more prepared and less anxious. Simply keep your kit somewhere accessible, such as a backpack, so you can access it when needed.

This guide will teach you how to put together a first period kit to be prepared for it.

  1. Choose the right bag or purse

It is essential to use a good-sized bag or purse. It should be large enough to hold your period necessities, such as menstrual products, a few cleaning wipes, spare underwear, and hand sanitiser. You should also make sure that your purse is small enough to fit into your backpack and that you feel comfortable carrying it to the bathroom when you need it.

Furthermore, you can pack a pair of leggings or pants in your backpack in case of a leak.

  1. Get some sanitary products

Many girls are most comfortable with pads at first, but some may be interested in using a product like tampons, menstrual cups or overnight panties from the beginning.

Make sure your period kit contains at least 2-3 menstrual products to get you through a school day. Also, be sure to change your pads or tampons (if you use them) every 4-6 hours or until they feel wet.

Pro tip: Whatever product you choose, take a look at it before using it. You can even practice putting it on and taking it off so that you don’t have to try it on for the first time when you need it.

  1. Add pain medications

When you get your first period, there’s a good chance you’ll have painful cramps. Thus, keeping a few ibuprofen tablets in your kit will be helpful. Ibuprofen works well to relieve period pain and may even reduce blood flow in some girls. However, avoid taking too many tablets at once, as it can harm your health.

  1. Add wipes for easy clean-up

Since you might not feel your first period right away, you may need to clean yourself and your clothes. Toilet paper will not be sufficient to clean properly, so keep some pre-moistened wipes on hand. Make sure to choose ones that are gentle enough to be appropriate for the sensitive skin around your vulva.

Remember to flush them after use. You can even wrap them in toilet paper and throw them away in the garbage bin.

  1. Include extra underwear or pants

Since your first period might come unexpectedly, it is a good idea to have an extra pair of clean underwear on hand in case your current pair gets stained. Choose a comfortable pair of panties you can wear with a pad and fold them up to fit into the bag with the rest of your belongings. Also, in this case, keep a sealable plastic bag in your kit for storing your stained panties.

Similarly, if you have room in your backpack, you can even pack an extra pair of pants in case your period is particularly heavy and your pad leaks.

  1. Add a plastic bag

A plastic bag can be useful if there is no place to dispose of a used menstrual product. If your pad leaks and ruins your clothes, you can even keep your stained underwear or pants in the bag.

  1. Keep a hand sanitiser

You may not be able to wash your hands after changing your menstrual product in some restrooms. In that case, a drop of hand sanitiser will keep your hands clean and germ-free.

  1. Include a sweet treat

Periods can make you feel worn down, especially if they come unexpectedly. As a small treat for yourself, include a bar of chocolate, gum, or hard candies in your kit. These sweet treats can also boost your mood if you are feeling lethargic.

Consult a doctor if you have any questions or want to learn more about your first-period kit.

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