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What Is Belly Balm and How to Use It

One of the best signs of motherhood is the change of the belly!

As a mom, your body is hard at work for nine months nurturing and growing a tiny human inside of you! As your baby gradually grows inside of you, your belly is pretty much stretched to the max! The elasticity of your stomach during pregnancy is quite amazing, with the ability to stretch out like crazy and then shrink back in one your baby is born.

But one of the most common signs of motherhood is the resulting stretch marks on your belly hat is a result of lots of small tears on your skin from your stomach maxing out its elasticity!

Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of and a common mark of something so beautiful in life. And you will be in great company as moms around the world have these marks too.

Chances are though that no mom really wants to have her stretch marks stand out. They are often quite colorful, with hues of yellow, purple or even brown. So it is no surprise that a stream of products have come in to help minimize the impact stretch marks have on the skin. They are known as belly balm.

What is a belly balm?

Belly balm is a miracle worker, but it is important to remember that it is not an eliminator! Belly balm is a special type of cream that can help prevent stretch marks from forming and minimize the scarring that takes place afterward,. Belly balm is something that should be used as soon as a mom-to-be knows they are pregnant to really maximize the effects. Belly balm is essentially a combination of natural ingredients that create a thick moisture for the skin that allows the skin to be more elastic while causing less scarring.

Common ingredients in belly balms include a range of essential oils like olive oil, lavender, shea butter and rosemary, along with beeswax. As a pregnant mother-to-be, chances are your sense of smell will be different and that you might prefer a certain type of incense in the belly balm. This is great as it means you will certainly be able to find the right one for you!

How to use belly balm?

The timing of using belly balm is key to the results that you will see. If you start applying belly balm regularly at the beginning of your pregnancy, you will increase the chances of having less prevalent stretch marks from your pregnancy. But in addition to the frequency, here are four tips you should follow when applying your belly balm.

  1.     Choose oils that work for you

Belly balms with essential oils can help with a range of things you might deal with during pregnancy. Because your skin will be super sensitive, the oils are a great for helping the skin stay moisturized without being a crazy thick ointment to apply.

  1.     Consider using a hypoallergenic option

If your skin is extra sensitive and you find that it is getting easily irritated by things that did not once bother you before, don’t stress. Belly balms come with hypoallergenic options to ensure that your skin won’t get irritated or have an outbreak. Instead, it will do the opposite and keep your skin nice and calm.

  1.     Apply the belly balm constantly

Not only is it important to apply the belly balm from the early stages of pregnancy all the way throughout the birth and the months that follow, but it is also important to keep your skin on your belly hydrated and moisturized constantly! Don’t shy away from applying the belly balm multiple times a day as you really can not soothe your skin enough during pregnancy! The more moisturized it is, the higher the chances are of the stretch marks being minimal. Basically, the key is to keep that skin hydrated, all day every day!

  1.     Research the ingredients

There are certain ingredients that you will want to avoid while pregnant. Make sure you look at the ingredients of the belly balm to really understand what is in there. The last thing you would want to do is upset your skin during one of your body’s most vulnerable times.

Using belly balm is a great inclusion to your daily routine during pregnancy and all the way through to you being a new parent. As a parent, you will be thinking of your child all day every day and put their concerns at the forefront. You likely already have a plan on how you tend to care for your baby’s skin and keep it glowing and healthy. But make sure to put the same effort into your own skin as well. Your body went through a lot for your baby and deserves some love too with belly balm. It is a great form of self-care that every mother deserves to enjoy!


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