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Why You Should Drink Protein Before Your Workout

If you are looking for ways to improve your athletic performances and overall health, look no further than your nutrition!

What we fuel our bodies with has a significant result on how our bodies can perform. They say that only 20% of the work is actually done in the gym. The rest is done in the kitchen! In addition, good nutrition will also protect your body from getting injured during the workout. It is the best form of protection we can offer our hard-working muscles!

This is why there is never really a shortage of people at the gym drinking their protein shakes. It has pretty much become a symbol for gym rats, and it is more uncommon not to consider drinking a shake! The more research that comes out, the more data is showing that drinking protein shakes is an incredible way of supplying our body with proper nutrients through a healthy supplement. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it is also affordable and convenient to use!

So what do you need to focus on nutrition-wise to get your body prepped to attack your workouts—whether that be at home or at the gym?

Your body needs a combination of nutrients to be properly fuelled for the workout—so that you can both have the right amount of energy and the right levels of strength to do all the exercises to the best of your ability. You will need to balance out and ensure that you have properly stocked up on carbs, fat, and protein before workout.

Especially in the last few years, research is coming out that indicates the critical role that drinking protein before a workout actually has for a person in both the short term and long term. Here are a few reasons why you should consider drinking protein before your next workout.

  1.     Protein helps your body deal with stress

When we work out, we are putting our bodies through a whole heap of physical stress. Especially when we are lifting weights, our muscles are put under an enormous amount of stress to lift those heavy weights while keeping our bodies safe and free from injury. Protein fuels our muscles to give them added relief in dealing with this stress.

  1.     Protein helps us build muscle mass

If you want to grow your muscles, your body will need protein and lots of it! When you are lifting heavy weights, you are actually breaking down your muscle tissues. It is only through the recovery phase when the muscles repair themselves that the muscles develop and grow. Giving them a boost of protein before the recovery process takes place will only help you grow that muscle mass you are working so hard for.

  1.     Protein needs to be in your body for a while to work

There is a whole range of proteins, and each one works a bit differently in your body. Some are absorbed quickly, while others are not. But one thing that they all have in common is that protein needs more than a few seconds to work truly. Research is showing that protein actually needs to be in your body before you start your workout so that the amino acids can be circulated through the muscles.

  1.     Protein prevents you from feeling hungry

There is nothing worse than busting it out at the gym on an upset stomach. Drinking protein is a really great alternative to fuelling your body for a workout without overloading it through food. It ensures that you are getting the correct amounts of nutrients to your body without risking you feeling bloated or sick and having to cut your workout short.

  1.     Protein is a must in the morning

Especially if you are someone who works out in the morning, drinking protein before your workout is a must. Your body has gone nearly eight hours without any food while you have been sleeping, so it would not be ideal for hitting the gym straight away without any form of fuel. The protein shakes are easy to drink and something you could even just sip on as you are driving yourself to the gym at dawn.

While some argue that protein shakes are best to be taken after a workout, drinking a protein shake before your workout should still be considered. At the end of the day, it will be a personal decision, and you will need to do what is best for your body. But it is worth giving it a go, especially if you are looking to recover your body faster, grow more muscle mass, curb your hunger cravings and ensure that your body is fuelled to have the best workout possible!

It is also recommended to chat with your fitness trainer or sports dietician around their recommendation to incorporating drinking protein to your fitness routines. 

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